Essence haul🙊🙊

Okay so i admit it, i love wilkos! Like i cant go to town without having a look at the new home decor or to see whats on the last chance aisle! 

Well 2 weeks ago me and my mum went in before going home as she needed bits, got the the till where the scratch cards are and came across a box that said ‘Essence EVERYTHING 10p’ now i got a bit giddy because i saw make up on sale and it was the best sale ever as there were lipglosses there that iv been looking at for a while!
So clearly me and my mum stopped and went pretty mental picking things out of this box!  £2.20 the total came up to:| 
My mum did buy the majority of it as they only really had the same colours of everything and dumbo here picked up the same things twice so this is what i bought! 

Now im a sucker for nude nails and when i saw that nail varnish and saw powdery finish i had to buy it because i knew it would come out a matte kind of finish! 

The other nail varnishes i bought are to repair my nails after iv had acrylics on as i end up pulling them off because i either have no money to get them filled or they’re pulling up and catching hair which lets be honest HURTS! I bought XXL NAIL THICKENER, HARDENING NAIL BASE COAT and ANTI SPLIT SEALANT! 

The eyeliner is a gorgeous blue shade (BLUE LAGOON) which i had to get because its a gel so it glides on nicely and i want to mix up my eyeliner especially as its nearly halloween! 

The lipgloss is also a lovely colour but it doesn’t have the name of it on the bottle atall so i cant tell you what its called:(! 

So yeah i just wanted to tell you all about the little bargain i got and why i love wilkos! I never go shopping without going in there and from now on ill be looking everywhere to see what make up sales they have!! 

Beck xo


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